Tata Nano worth Rs 2 lakh collided with a car worth Rs 14 lakh


auto news desk,There are many people who often get an idea of ​​the power of a vehicle from a road accident. Here is an accident between Hyundai Venue and Tata Nano which is being used by many to know the strength of the vehicle. But can you do it by chance? Tata Nano has been one of the most talked about cars in India. Tata Nano was an ambitious project of the company. After some time of launch, the popularity of this car gradually decreased and there came a time when the company decided to discontinue it. But, this car remains in discussion even today. The car is once again in limelight due to a recent road accident.

location-nano collision
It competes with Tata’s Nano and Hyundai’s Venue. As per the video that has surfaced, the Hyundai Venue hit the rear of the Tata Nano. The front end of the Venue was badly damaged due to the impact of the collision and we can also see the airbags in the video. At the same time, the rear part of Tata Nano has also suffered heavy damage and the rear axle has been broken due to the collision. According to the video, no passenger was injured in this accident.

The safety rating of Nano is 0.
The Tata Nano, which got zero stars in the Global NCAP test, may not have much room for crumple zones. In vehicles where the crumple zone is limited, the impact of the crash on the passengers inside the vehicle is significant. Also, cars without crumple zones can suffer more damage than is visible from the outside. Though the Tata Nano has not sustained much damage, it is certain that the chassis has been damaged due to the impact. While some Hyundai Venue has suffered a lot of damage which is clearly visible.

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