Technology will change the experience of traveling in a car, Mark Zuckerberg and BMW are doing special work


Auto News Desk – Technology is being used all over the world to make cars more modern. But we are telling you in this news that two big companies of the world are working together on such technology, which will change the experience of traveling in a car in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook’s parent company Meta, shared a video on social media. In which the future technology of traveling in a car has been shown. Along with this, he has written that we have partnered with BMW to create Mixed and Virtual Reality Experience for the passengers. Even when driving at high speed, the passenger can see, read and understand anything clearly.

In the video shared by Mark Zuckerberg, it is shown that during the journey in the car, the passenger can easily see, understand and read the reality in a virtual way through VR camera. Along with this, you can play online games along with doing work of your choice during the journey. For this, VR camera and joystick will have to be used.

This technology will be so fast that even after the speed of the car, it will make you feel the reality in a virtual way. If this future technology is used for passengers, then its advantage will be that passengers can do their important work without mobile, laptop during the journey. Apart from handling tasks, you will also be able to entertain yourself.

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