Tesla is eager to enter the Indian EV market, will complete the search for a place by the end of 2023


auto news desk, Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle maker, is expected to select a site by the end of this year to set up its plant in India. According to the company’s CEO Elon Musk, the place will be selected before the end of this year. Recently Musk has indicated this. This happened after almost a year. A year ago, Musk postponed his plan to sell his vehicles in India. Now a change in this decision has been seen when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to visit America after a few days.

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In a recent interview, Elon Musk was asked about Tesla’s plan for India, to which Musk replied in the affirmative. Recently, a Tesla team was on a two-day visit to India, during which they also met Indian government officials. However, New Delhi had placed a condition in front of Tesla to produce its vehicles on the lines of Make in India. On which Tesla was not ready yet. But now it is preparing to come to India soon. According to the statement of Union Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar, Tesla is very serious about the sale and production of its vehicles in India.

Some time ago, the Central Government had advised Tesla to set up a plant to sell its electric vehicles in India. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has also welcomed Tesla’s arrival in India, but the condition will be that the company will manufacture its vehicles in India only and not sell vehicles made in China in India. But then Elon Musk canceled his plan, saying that Tesla would not set up its production plant at any place where it would not be allowed to sell its vehicles first.

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