The waiting period of the cheapest model of Mahindra Thar is so much, people broke down to buy it as soon as it is launched


auto news desk, Mahindra launched the cheapest variant of the Thar, the Mahindra Thar 2WD, a few months back. This is the cheapest SUV of Thar. As soon as it was launched, the demand for this vehicle increased so much that in no time the waiting period exceeded one year. Let us know how long you will have to wait to buy this famous vehicle. In January, Mahindra launched the new Thar 2WD variant, which did not get any off-road kit. The waiting period for the 1.5L Thar 2WD diesel is currently 17 months. Meanwhile, the waiting period for the petrol-powered Thar 2WD is around a month.

By launching this car, Mahindra increased the trouble of its 4X4 Thar, the waiting period is 16-18 months, know what is the specialty
The design of the upcoming Mahindra Thar RWD SUV is similar to that of its 4X4 variant. In fact the upcoming RWD version of the Mahindra Thar SUV could use the same set of tires and alloy wheels as its 4X4 counterpart. Apart from this, a total of 6 new color options are also available in this SUV.

Media reports have quoted dealer sources as saying that the waiting period for both petrol and diesel variants of the Thar 4WD is around a month. 4WD is available with two engine options. 2.0-litre petrol mStallion and 2.2-litre diesel engine that generate 132hp and 300Nm of torque.

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