There are many benefits of buying an old car, you can also save lakhs


auto news desk, In today’s time, it has become necessary to have a car or bike in every household. In any emergency, the vehicle parked at home comes in handy faster. In such a situation, many people keep cars for hobby, while many people get employment from it. But buying a new car is not in everyone’s budget and people get confused before buying an old car lest it becomes a loss making deal. But today we will tell you such advantages of buying an old car, after which you will not have to think before buying an old car.

These are the advantages of buying a used car
You must have often seen or heard that whenever the car dealer gives you the keys of a new car, the car manufacturer is instructed to drive the car slowly in the initial days. Whereas, when you buy a used car, you do not need to follow any such instructions. You can set the speed of the car according to your wish keeping an eye on the traffic rules.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car and an old car - Advantages and Disadvantages to Buy New and Old Car ยป
No tension to pay tax
Whenever you buy a new car, there is tension of paying various taxes. But on buying an old car, you do not have any tension from RTO to Environment Cess. Due to these taxes, whenever you buy a new car, even after its ex-showroom price, it suffers a loss of lakhs of rupees and it becomes costlier than its price.

Best car available in low price
The lower the price of the old car, the more options you do not get in the new car and you have to take a basic car. In such a situation, if you want to buy a car with strong features and the budget is low, then buying a second hand car proves to be a great option.

Keep these things in mind while buying a used car
Whenever you go to buy a used car, you must go for a test drive with the car more than once. The car should be driven as much as possible and all the parts of the car should be checked carefully. Also, check all the documents of the car carefully and take a mechanic along with you so that he can easily spot any defects in the car. In such a situation, you will not have to face loss.

scrap policy
You can also avail incentive benefits under the vehicle scrappage policy. All you need to do is register your car at an official scrapping station. In which you are given a scraping certificate on completion of the verification process. In this case, the registered scrapping unit and whatever price you decide for the car, that scrapping unit is sent to your bank account. If you want, you can also take money through bank cheque.

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