These 5 features are available in Tata Nexon but not in Fronx, the fifth one is in high demand


Auto News Desk – Maruti Suzuki has launched its new crossover Fronx. It has been launched in the market at an initial price of Rs 7.46 lakh. This will impact the sub-4 meter SUV segment on one hand and the micro SUV segment on the other. However, it lacks many features. Especially if you compare it with the Tata Nexon, it lacks a lot of features. Let us tell about 5 such features.

Multi-Drive Modes
Tata Nexon offers 3 drive modes – Eco, City and Sport, which enhance the driving experience of the occupants. In comparison, the automatic transmission variant of the Frons gets only one drive mode.

Ventilated Seats
Ventilated seats feature is becoming quite popular in cars these days. The Fronx lacks both front seat ventilation and leatherette upholstery, while select higher variants of the Tata Nexon get leatherette seats. At the same time, its Kaziranga variant also gets the option of ventilated seats.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a very important safety feature. Nowadays it is also available in many budget friendly cars but this facility is not provided in Maruti Franks whereas TMPS comes in Tata Nexon.

automatic wiper
The front gets automatic LED headlights but does not come with automatic wipers. These are also called rain-sensing wipers. The XMS variant of the Tata Nexon gets automatic headlamps and auto wipers.

Sunroof has become a very popular car feature these days. Tata Nexon has been given an electric sunroof from the XMS variant. However, the top-end variant of the Maruti Fronx also misses out on a sunroof. Sunroof is not given in it.

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