These five cars are not affected by the era, sales and popularity continue for years


auto news desk, There are many such cars in India which have been selling continuously for many years. Whatever may be the era, there is no difference in their popularity. For years, these cars have settled in the hearts of people. Models like Maruti Suzuki Alto, Tata Safari, Mahindra Bolero are being sold in the country for a long time. Today any new car goes in front of these cars, there is no effect on their sales. Let’s take a look at 5 such cars which have no dearth of fans. For some people a car is more than a car. This is the reason why people take great care of their cars. Let us have a look at the list of 5 cars which have made a strong inroads in India.

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5 evergreen cars of the country

Maruti Suzuki Alto: Maruti Suzuki Alto is still in trend. This car is being sold for the last several years. The price of Maruti’s hatchback car is very low. Apart from this, the maintenance of Alto is also not much. That’s why its craze has never decreased among the people.

Tata Safari: There is hardly any attraction like Tata Safari. In its initial days, the SUV created havoc in the white colour. The politicians of the country used to travel by Tata Safari. Due to features like driving position, comfortable cabin, the demand for this SUV remains even today.

Toyota Innova: Toyota Innova is a name that has given the Japanese car company a distinct identity. Big family or businessmen, politicians or common fleet operators, everyone has given love to the Innova. Even after the arrival of new models like Innova Crysta, many people read poems of old models.

Mahindra Bolero: Mahindra Bolero is the first SUV of the company, and was launched in 2000. Since then till today it is one of the best selling cars of the company. Apart from normal roads, the Bolero remains a sought-after SUV due to its ability to handle rough roads.

Honda City: Honda City owners today still find themselves very close to the sedan car. The car has had such a great journey in India that the company launched five generation models. With all the upgrades and updates, this car remains a favorite of the people.

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