To learn a car, first you have to understand its ABCD; Very few people know about D


Auto News Desk – Learning to drive a car has become a necessity today. If your age is above 18 years and you have not yet learned to drive a car, then you should learn. But, for this you need to know about the basics related to car driving. Although there are many basics of driving, but here we will tell you about its A, B, C and D. A, B, C and D are spoken only symbolically. Let us tell you their real meaning and work.

When it comes to learning to drive a car, A stands for – accelerator pedal. There is an accelerator pedal to accelerate the car. The right foot is used for the accelerator pedal. B stands for – brake pedal. Brake pedal is the pedal used to stop the car. The right foot is also used for the brake pedal. For this you have to take your right foot off the accelerator pedal.

C stands for – clutch pedal. The clutch paddle is used to change gears. For this the left leg is used. While driving, the left foot is used only for the clutch pedal. D stands for – dead pedal. Very few people know about it. This is to give rest to the left leg of the driver, he can put his left leg on it as the left leg is less used.

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