Top 5 Luxury Car Brands Mercedes, BMW or Audi, these are the best companies in luxury cars

car news desk, Car sales in India are increasing continuously. Not only this, Indians are also very fond of luxury cars. Yes, according to the figures of FY 2023, there has been a jump of 29 percent in the sale of luxury cars in the country. This means that vehicles like Mercedes, BMW and Audi are being sold indiscriminately. Now the question is which company sells the maximum number of luxury cars in the Indian market. You can read the answer to this question further and know which are the top 5 luxury car brands in the country.

Despite all kinds of challenges in the auto sector, luxury car brands have managed to show their mettle. According to data from JATO Dynamic India, seven luxury car companies have sold 36,508 units in FY23. At the same time, only 28,329 units were sold in FY 2022. These figures show that people in India are preferring to buy the latest and expensive cars.

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Top 5 Luxury Car Brands

These are the top 5 luxury car companies in India

Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz is the number 1 luxury car company in India. The German auto brand has projected sales of 15,790 units in FY2023. The LWB E-Class is the best selling car of the company.

BMW: Germany’s auto brand BMW is at number two. In 2023, the company has sold 11,175 units. The company’s best-selling models include the 3 Series sedan, the X1 and the 2 Series.

Audi: With 5,120 units sold, Audi is the third largest luxury car maker in the country. Cars like A6 sedan, Q5, A4, Q7 are the best selling cars under Audi brand.

Volvo: Volvo Auto India has captured the fourth number. The company has sold 1,879 cars in 2023. Volvo’s XC60 and XC40 were models that were well received.

Land Rover: Land Rover had to be content with number five. The company has made it to the top-5 brands with sales of 1,678 units. The most popular models were Land Rover Defender, Velar, Discovery Sport etc.

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