Your car can also catch fire in summer, try these tips to save yourself


auto news desk,Due to the heat, there is a fear of fire in the vehicles. By the way, there are many other reasons for the fire, ranging from getting the car serviced by a local mechanic to getting the car modified. Recently, a case of fire has come to light in Tata Punch in which the user claimed that he has the car for 1 year and has not done any modification. While on the highway a Mahindra car with extra accessories and modifications done in the car Due to which the fire broke out. However, to prevent this from happening to you, follow these tips and always keep these things in your car.

These are the major reasons for cars catching fire in summer, these are the ways to avoid them - Mysmartprice

Do this first thing in case of car fire
If your car is on fire, instead of panicking, you should use your brain and do everything possible to get out of the car. If you do not do this, you may inhale carbon monoxide gas which is very dangerous. If there is a fire under the bonnet of your car, do not open it. In such a situation, oxygen is available for the fire to grow, due to which the fire grows and proves to be fatal. Avoid making additional modifications to your car. Carrying extra luggage puts a strain on the car battery, which increases the risk of fire. Keep in mind that do not use air purifiers and perfumes or any inflammable products in the car. Many people get a CNG/LPG kit fitted in their car from a local mechanic to save some money. In such a situation, these mechanics fit cheap kits or sometimes they are not able to fit properly, due to which there is a risk of short circuit due to leakage. Factory fitted CNG/LPG kits do not have this risk.

Always keep these things in the car
Always keep these things in your car to avoid any danger. Always keep scissors, fire extinguisher and a hammer in it. And instead of carrying this stuff around in the car, keep it fitted in the dash board box or in front of the car. So that you can use these things easily at the time of fire. Use of scissor: You can cut your seat belt with scissor. Fire Extinguisher: It is used to extinguish the fire. Hammer: If the car is on fire, with the help of a hammer, you can break the glass of the car and get out of it and save your life.

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