Buy Petrol Car or CNG Model? Don’t take wrong decision in the matter of saving, reality will open your eyes


auto news desk,Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, the demand for CNG cars is now increasing in the country. CNG option will be available in most of the cars coming in the segment up to 10 lakhs. Now even some vehicles in the SUV category like Grand Vitara and Toyota Harrider have started getting CNG option. It is absolutely true that even today the cost of CNG is less than that of petrol. Although now there is not much left inside. Along with this, mileage is also better in CNG vehicles than petrol. If you are planning to buy a new car and are confused whether to buy a CNG car or a petrol car, then first know about the advantages and disadvantages of both the cars. Now the cost of CNG is not much less than petrol and the cost of CNG cars is Rs 1 to 1.30 lakh more than petrol cars. Which is better petrol car or CNG car? Let us understand the answer to this question through an example here.

Which car is best petrol or CNG: Buy petrol car or CNG car, decide by looking at these 10 cars
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Suppose you are buying Maruti WagonR. The base model WagonR LXI 1.0 on-road price in Delhi is Rs.6.10 Lakh. 7.25 Lakh for the LXI 1.0 CNG model. That means you are spending Rs 1.15 lakh more for buying the CNG model on day one itself. Apart from this, if you are financing the car, then you have to pay Rs 1.15 more.

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Petrol price in Delhi is Rs 96.72 per liter and CNG price is Rs 79.56 per kg. Let us consider the two as Rs 97 and Rs 80. If you drive the petrol model for 1,000 kms in a month, your fuel cost will come to around Rs 4,000. Whereas, the fuel cost of the CNG model will come to Rs 2,500 for 1,000 km in a month. Surely you will be able to save Rs 1500 per month here, but the problem is that it will take you 6 years to recover the extra Rs 1.15 lakh you paid for buying the CNG model. Apart from this, the insurance, maintenance and service cost of CNG vehicles are also high. Here also you will have to spend more than a petrol car.

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