Dirty eyes of people, angry businessman made Rolls Royce a taxi, now tourists are enjoying


auto news desk, A well-known businessman from Kerala was so disgusted with people’s evil eye on his car that he did a shocking thing. This businessman converted his Rolls Royce Phantom into a taxi. Now this taxi is engaged in carrying tourists. Its one day rent is also only 25 thousand rupees. Although this fare may cost you more than other taxis, but for a Rolls Royce Phantom ride and that too for the whole day, this fare will cost you less.According to the information, Dr. Bobby, Chairman of Chemmanur Jeweler Group of Kerala Chemmanur has converted his Rolls Royce into a taxi. Bobby’s company Chemmanur Group has outlets in many other countries including India and he is one of the well-known businessmen of Kerala.

people used to stare
Bobby told that people used to look at his car with greedy eyes, which he did not like at all. He did not like traveling in the car. Due to this, he decided to convert the car into a taxi.

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color change
Bobby changes the black color of the Phantom to golden yellow before putting it in the taxi. It is shiny golden which gives the car a gold feel. At the same time, taxi lights have also been installed on top of the car so that people do not get confused by seeing it. Bobby has named this car The Golden Chariot. The registration number of this car is also VIP, the number of the car is 0001.

you will be shocked to hear the price
One can be shocked to hear the price of Rolls Royce Phantom. The car that Bobby effortlessly converted into a taxi is priced between Rs 8.99 crore to Rs 10.50 crore. The company customizes the car according to the customer’s choice and comfort. However, apart from the colour, it is not yet known what changes Bobby has made to the car while making the taxi.

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