Temperature has started increasing, sunlight will spoil the health of your car, keep some things in mind


auto news desk, Summer has come a little early this year. February has not passed, the discussion of Holi has started and fans and ACs have been started in the houses. Same is the case with cars. People are forced to use AC during day time. At the same time, many types of diseases have surrounded people as soon as the weather changes. Especially the crowd of people suffering from cough, cold and viral can be seen at hospitals and doctors’ clinics. Before the summer season starts completely, we should do some work regarding the maintenance of the car, as well as some special things. Care must be taken. By taking care of these things, we will keep the health of the car healthy and will also be saved from trouble.

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Do not park the car in the sun: Many types of damage can happen to the car during the summer season. Especially if you park your car in the sun everyday. Leaving the car parked in the sun will not only spoil its paint but will also cause significant damage to the rubber parts. Wipers are one of the most easily damaged parts of a car in the sun. Its rubber gets spoiled in the hot sun.

Engine does not cool down completely: After driving the car, keeping it in the sun does not allow the engine to cool down completely. This makes a huge difference to the life of your car. The constant overheating of the engine wears out the piston rings as well as the belts.

Damage to the fuel line as well: Due to continuous parking of the vehicle in the sun, many times the fuel line also gets damaged. It can also be dangerous if your vehicle has a CNG or LPG kit as loose rubber fittings can lead to gas leakage.

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