This technology of Tata will prove to be a boon for Maruti, if it is found then there will be a blast in the market


car news desk, Maruti Suzuki is the largest car selling company in the country. It sells millions of cars every month. Maruti cars are popular in low budget. Not only this, Maruti also sells the most CNG cars. CNG cars get one and a half times more mileage. This saves a lot of money. Despite this, even today most people prefer to buy petrol vehicles instead of CNG.

The biggest reason for this is that after installing the CNG kit, the boot space of the car is almost over and there is no space left for luggage. Boot speed is an important part of the car. Whether the journey is small or big, there is always a need to keep luggage in the vehicle. This is the reason why people shy away from buying CNG cars right now.

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Tata solved the problem
The good thing is that now the Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors has found a solution to this problem. Tata recently introduced the Tata Punch with CNG during the Auto Expo. Its special thing is that dual CNG cylinder technology has been used in it. That is, Tata has reduced the size of the existing cylinder and installed two smaller cylinders. Both these cylinders are fitted under the boot space of the car. This saves the entire boot space of the car. Now after installing CNG kit in it, a lot of stuff can be kept.

Maruti will benefit like this
By the way, Tata Motors has brought this dual CNG cylinder technology. Tata has used 2 CNG cylinders in the Punch. Although the company has not yet announced the launch of the CNG version of Tata Punch, it is believed that it can be launched by the end of the year. If before this Maruti brings 2 cylinders in their cars then it will be a big revolution. This will significantly increase the sales of Maruti’s CNG vehicles.

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