Watch full review of Porsche Taycan EV, know how is the driving experience


car news desk, The market for electric vehicles in India is growing steadily, but driving these vehicles on empty roads is a lot of fun. But this is not the case in the real world, as a city like Mumbai sees heavy traffic every day of the week. However, most electric vehicles are sold in cities, and we drove a speedy Porsche Taycan all day in the same traffic.

driving experience
We test drive the car to see its capability in handling Mumbai traffic. EVs generally get better range in traffic with regenerative braking. When we started driving the Taycan, we saw a range of over 300 km. The Taycan looked stunning in the Carmine Red colour.

How is the interior?
The interior is a tech fest with multiple screens and starting it is like a spaceship. The Taycan handles traffic very well and the build quality is also very good. But driving it is not at all uncomfortable. Visibility through its smog cockpit is also excellent. Whereas, people gaze at it.

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gets tremendous power
Mumbai’s heat makes its aircon work hard, but still it does better than any fast conventional car in the city because it’s quieter, smoother and faster. We were driving the RWD Taycan with the single motor that makes over 400 Bhp along with a 79.2kWh battery pack.

great range available
It gets a two speed gearbox which gives almost petrol car like performance. Car is very easy to drive with light steering and throttle. Still, its range does not decrease very quickly. We drove it in peak hour traffic, yet we got a range of over 300 kms.

Even after driving comfortably all day with luggage storage, we did not feel any shortcoming or problem in this EV. This EV can also be used very easily in everyday work. We felt that its performance was excellent even in the traffic jams of Mumbai.

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