We are in top 5 even in terms of bad driving, we neither follow the rules nor want to follow them.


auto news desk, As the number of vehicles in the country is increasing, the number of accidents is also increasing. Most of these accidents happen due to bad driving. These accidents happen due to non-observance of rules like not wearing seat belt, driving in wrong direction or driving at high speed. If you look at the figures, there are about 15 crore cars in the country. With so many vehicles, the number of bad driving accidents is also increasing. According to a recent report, India ranks fourth in terms of bad drivers. Uber has released its annual travel index. This report has been named Riding with Intercity. To make this annual travel index report, a study was done in more than 50 countries and a list was prepared. The study looked at driver behavior and ranked the best and worst drivers in the world.

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India’s fourth position
In this report, India has got the fourth place in the ranking of bad drivers. The reason for this ranking has been attributed to the poor attitude of enforcement and compliance of rules in our country. Here neither the rules are followed nor strictness is taken to explain them. Thailand is on top in terms of bad traffic and flouting of rules. On the other hand, Peru has got second and Lebanon third in the list of bad driving.

japan best
Japan has been named the best in the list. Driving rules are strictly followed in Japan. It is followed by Netherlands, Norway, Estonia and Sweden. At the same time, Thailand has been placed at number one in terms of worst driving.

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