How different are the new and old Hyundai from each other, understand here


auto news desk, Hyundai Verna has been present in the market for a long time with several updates. But the recently launched new Hyundai Verna is quite different from the older models in terms of features, design and technology. That’s why we are going to do a comparison between the new and old Verna ahead, so that you can get an idea of ​​the changes in it.

Talking about the new Verna, its length is 4535mm, while the length of the old Verna is slightly less than 4440mm. At the same time, the width of the new Verna is 1765mm, while the old one is slightly less with 1729mm width. The same is seen in the wheelbase as well, due to which the cabin of the new Verna now looks more spacious than before. The wheelbase of the old Verna is 2600mm while that of the new Verna is 2670mm. The same can be said for the ground clearance, which was 165 mm in the old sedan, while the new one is 170 mm.

Talking about the features, earlier many features like sunroof, connected car technology, touchscreen, climate control were available in it. The new Verna, on the other hand, gets a host of new features including connected car technology with a larger 10.25-inch touchscreen, heated/cooled ventilated seats, sunroof, 64 ambient lighting colors, and ADAS level 2.

Hyundai Verna Car - Price, Images, Mileage & Features
engine options
The new Verna has been given a 1.5l turbo petrol engine which will give power of 160bhp. This is a big change from the old Verna. In which the 1.0l turbo engine was present. While the company has continued with its other 1.5l petrol CVT/manual engine without any changes. Apart from this, the company has discontinued the diesel engine found in this car.

Talking about the price, the starting price of the new Verna is Rs. 1.5 lakhs. 10.8 lakhs. While the price of its top variant is Rs 18 lakh. The new Verna is way ahead of the old one in almost every aspect. It can give tough competition to its competitors. New otherwise better in appearance, bigger in size, more spacious than before, ahead in features and its badge is also stronger than before.

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