How Scorpio-N’s Sunroof leaked, the whole truth is hidden in this video!


car news desk, Recently, a 30-second video of the Mahindra Scorpio-N SUV went viral on social media, in which the sunroof of the vehicle was revealed to be leaking. The SUV was parked under a waterfall, shortly after which water started filling inside the car. The video was by YouTuber Arun Panwar, which created quite a buzz on different social media accounts. While some people pointed out the poor quality of the car’s sunroof, there were others who questioned the YouTuber and pointed out his mistake. . Meanwhile, Arun himself has narrated the incident in detail by uploading the entire video of that day. By watching the video, you will be able to know how the water got filled inside after the sunroof leaked.

Taking the Scorpio-N to the waterfall to wash the car, the sunroof leaked

Actually, the car Honor went on the trip with its Scorpio N. In the middle of the way, he saw a waterfall where he decided to wash his SUV. As he drives the Scorpio-N down the waterfall, water starts dripping into the car. It started raining through its sunroof and speakers. However, the vehicle was immediately towed away. But in such a time many parts were filled with water. The point to be noted here is that the car owner had come here earlier also and had washed his Mahindra Thar here. But at that time no such problem had come to the fore. Watch full video below-

how did the water get into the car
When the Scorpio N was thoroughly checked, it was found that one of the rubber bands around the sunroof had been removed. Water started filling only after removing this rubber. This rubber may have been removed due to the rapid fall from the waterfall. But the car owner claims that such an incident can happen even if there is heavy rain or hailstorm on the way. Well, our advice here is that whether you have a cheap Maruti Alto or an SUV worth lakhs of rupees. You should avoid doing stunts of any kind, especially when you are in a place where no help is available.

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