Mahindra Scorpio is available for 10 lakhs, no need to pay road tax; Will get number plate immediately


auto news desk, Mahindra Scorpio has a distinct fan base. Many people buy Scorpio just to show swag. Many people are in love with the road presence and drivability of the Mahindra Scorpio. So there are different reasons for different people to like it. In such a situation, if you cannot buy a new Mahindra Scorpio car but are planning to buy an old Scorpio, then today we have brought information about some old Mahindra Scorpio cars which are available for sale.

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The 2018 Mahindra ScorpioS5 2WD 7 STR is listed on the website for a price of Rs 10.75 lakh. This SUV is available for sale in Lucknow. It has covered 1,05,000 kms and is powered by diesel engine as well. The price of 2016 Mahindra ScorpioS10 listed on the website is Rs.10.25 Lakh. This SUV is also available for sale in Lucknow only. It has covered a distance of 1,31,000 kms. This is also a diesel engined car. The price of 2017 Mahindra ScorpioS10 listed on the website is Rs. 10.5 lakhs. This SUV is available for sale in Delhi. It has covered a total distance of 78,000 kms. It also has a diesel engine.

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