Make your normal car seat Ventilated Seat in just Rs 2700! Lakhs of rupees will be saved like this


auto news desk,Nowadays the ventilated seat feature is becoming quite popular in cars. This feature is very useful even in the summer season. Actually, when you sit in the car in summer, your back and lower part starts sweating, it causes a lot of trouble. In such a situation, the feature of ventilated seat comes in handy. It does not allow sweating on your back and lower back.

For ventilated seat convenience, small holes are provided in the seat from where air is supplied using a motor fan. This air comes out of the seat and reaches the body of the person sitting on it. This is a premium feature, which is usually given in either the top end variant of the car or this feature is given from the mid variant. Naturally, a car with this feature will cost more.

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But, if we tell you that you buy a car without ventilated seats and then you can get this feature installed in the aftermarket for just Rs 2,700, then you might find it more practical and economical. In fact, there are many products available in the market that will help you ventilate your ordinary car seat. These are known as car seat cooler, seat cooling cushion cover, cooling car seat cushion and car seat cooler pad etc.

These have a fan and there are holes in the seat cover, the air from the fan passes through small holes in the seat cover and goes into the person’s body. His fan runs from the car’s 12W socket. We have seen many such products online, whose price is around Rs.2700. That is, the feature for which you will buy the top variant of the car by paying lakhs of rupees more, you can enjoy that feature by spending only Rs.2700.

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