The price of electric cars is going to be halved, now they will be cheaper than petrol vehicles, just wait for a few days


auto news desk, The demand for electric cars is increasing rapidly, although these cars do not come in everyone’s budget due to their high prices. Also, their range is also less. Hence, most people take it as a city use car and keep it as a primary vehicle. Some people take electric cars as a primary vehicle. A Chinese battery manufacturer has developed a sodium ion battery. This battery is very cheap and the special thing is that with this battery, China’s electric car company Jack has also launched the world’s first e-car with this battery.

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the price will be less
This battery is made by China’s Hina Battery Technology. The company claims that this battery will reduce the cost of the electric vehicle by 10 to 20 percent. These batteries are manufactured on Lithium and Cobalt. According to the company, Jack’s car JAC EV has a 25 kWh battery. 250 km on a single charge. Can be carried in the range of up to In the coming time, work will be done to increase the range by further developing these batteries.

Charging speed will also be high
According to the company, the density of sodium ion batteries is very low. Whereas the density of lithium ion battery is very high. In such a situation, they perform better even in low and high temperatures and their charging speed is also up to twice as compared to them.

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