This ‘enemy’ SUV of Hyundai Creta is over! people stopped buying


auto news desk, Nissan India launched its C-Segment SUV – Kicks in January 2019. Since launch, it has failed to make a mark in the market just like Nissan’s previous C-segment SUV, the Terrano. Now in the last 3 months, Nissan has not sold a single unit of Kicks SUV. If we look at the 2022 sales figures of Nissan Kicks, it will be known that Nissan has not sold even 500 units of Kicks in any month last year. Its sales remained around 2 digits for most of the months of 2022. In such a situation, according to media reports, Nissan has not produced a single unit of Kicks SUV in December last year, January this year and February last year.

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The Nissan Kicks SUV comes with 2 engine options – 1.5L regular petrol and 1.3L turbo petrol engine. Both these engines were also offered with the Renault Duster but Renault has already discontinued the Duster. Currently no other car from Renault or Nissan (apart from the Kicks) comes with a 1.5L normal petrol or 1.3L turbo petrol engine, so the chances of Nissan investing in and updating these engines are slim.

The company will have to discontinue the Kicks if its engine is not updated. Anyway, the sales of Kicks are not doing well, this car has not been able to attract customers towards itself. The engine will need to be updated to meet the new Road Driving Emission (RDE) norms if the company wants to continue selling the car.

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