This Indian businessman owns 3 different colored Rolls Royce cars, helicopter and private jet.


car news desk, You must have heard the name of Kalyan Jewelers, its Chairman and Managing Director T.S. Kalyanaraman is Apart from Kalyan Jewellers, he is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Kalyan Developers. He is counted among the biggest businessmen of India. Their business is spread in different parts of India and all over the world. T.S. Kalyanaraman started working at an early age. He opened the first store of Kalyan Jewelery in 1993. Now he is the owner of one of the largest retail jewelry stores in India.

He has assets worth billions of rupees. He also owns several cars, private jets and helicopters. According to media reports, TS Kalyanaraman owns three different variants of Rolls Royce. Let’s talk about all three of his Rolls Royce. He owns a Rolls Royce Phantom Series I and two Phantom Series II. All the three cars are of different colours. One of them is black in colour, the other is silver in color and the third is white in colour.

This Indian businessman has 3 Rolls Royces of different colours, a helicopter and a private jet

Rolls-Royce Phantom price in India starts from around Rs. 9 crores but customers can go for customization as per their choice, which further increases the cost. It is powered by a 6.75-litre V12 petrol engine that produces 445bhp and 720Nm. The engine is connected to the automatic transmission. It is one of the best sedans in the world. According to reports, Kalyanaraman also owns a private jet and a helicopter. He owns an Embraer Legacy 650 jet, which costs around Rs 178 crore. Apart from the jet, he also has a Bell 427 helicopter, which costs around Rs 48 crore. However, we do not verify this information.

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