This luxury car of Rolls-Royce specializes in changing color, the company will make only one unit


car news desk, Rolls-Royce, a British luxury car manufacturer, has designed only one unit of a new Phantom Syntopia sedan car. This car will be able to change color due to paint-changing paint. This car will be delivered in May. According to the company, it is the most premium luxury Phantom car ever.

Rolls Royce Phantom Syntopia Design
The Phantom Syntopia car is based on the existing Phantom Expander model and follows the ‘weaving water’ design philosophy. The car gets silver colored ‘Expect of Xtas Crown’, illuminated Panteon grille, laser-cut starlights, swap-back headlamps.

This custom built Rolls Royce is 'THE' only one of its species!  Motor World India

Rolls Royce Phantom Syntopia Engine
This luxury car is powered by a 6.6 L twin-turbo V12 6592cc engine, which gives it maximum power of 562hp and peak torque of 780Nm. Which is paired with an 8-speed gearbox transmission.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia Features
This luxury car has a luxurious and comfortable cabin with star-lit ambient lights. At the same time, the 3D Weaving Water headliner made of leather wrap is seen as soon as it opens its doors.
Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia Price
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia model is more valuable than its standard model due to its specially designed design. This luxury car has been sold in London for a price of around Rs 4.4 crores.

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