Will give Mileage up to 28KM! These are the 6 popular SUVs with the highest mileage in the country


auto news desk,At present, most people are preferring to buy SUVs but many people do not buy due to concerns related to mileage. Car makers are also realizing this. The result of this is that now there are many SUVs in the market that give very good mileage. Come, let us give you information about some popular SUVs, out of which two SUVs can also give mileage of up to 28 km.

This powerful SUV giving the highest mileage in the country!  Mileage is getting 28km - Mysmartprice
Best Mileage SUV in India
Maruti Suzuki claims that its Grand Vitara can deliver a mileage of up to 27.97KMPL.
Similarly, the Toyota Urban Cruiser header also gives a mileage of up to 27.97KMPL.
After this comes Kia Sonet in terms of mileage, Kia Sonet can give mileage up to 24.2KMPL.
– Then, there is the Hyundai Venue, the Venue SUV that is capable of returning a mileage of up to 23.4KMPL.
– Next in terms of mileage is Tata Nexon, which is the best selling SUV, Nexon can give mileage up to 21.5KMPL.
Maruti Brezza also gives good mileage. It comes only with the petrol engine. The mileage of Maruti Brezza is up to 20.15KMPL.

Notably, both the most fuel efficient Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Header get 1.5L NA petrol and 1.5L Atkinson Cycle powertrain options. From features to specifications, almost everything remains the same except the design. Both are developed by Maruti Suzuki and Toyota in partnership. The Strong Hybrid version (i.e., 1.5L Atkinson cycle powertrain) returns a mileage of 27.97KMPL. Both come with petrol engine, diesel engine option is not available. At the same time, diesel engine is also given in Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue and Tata Nexon while Maruti Brezza does not come with diesel engine.

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