With the arrival of summer, the mileage of your car has started decreasing? Is it the reason for not having AC, these 2 methods will help


auto news desk,The month of March is going on and the scorching heat is going to bother people in the next few months. Summer weather not only becomes a problem for humans but also spoils the performance of machines and vehicles. Do you know that the mileage of our car suddenly starts decreasing from the summer season. The biggest reason for this is the car running in the air (AC). In summer, it is very difficult to travel in a car without the AC on. But perhaps you do not know that AC car also leaves mileage in summer. Let us tell you how to stop it.

How does Car AC work?
Automobile industry experts say that if a car is giving 15 km mileage, it reduces to 13 or 14 in summers. The car’s AC uses energy from the alternator. This energy is obtained from the engine. The engine uses fuel from the fuel tank. Since the AC is connected to the compressor of the car, the AC does not turn on even until the car is started. The ac compressor compresses the refrigerant to cool it and thus s makes our car cooler inside.

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How to take care of mileage in summer?
In summer season if you are unable to drive without turning on the AC. That’s why take special care of some things. If you are driving on the highway, keep all the windows of your car closed, because the air directly enters the car inside the car and its pressure affects both the speed and mileage of the car.

Regular Maintenance of AC and Car
If there is any fault in the car due to running of AC or engine of the car and any other part is affected, then it is necessary to get regular maintenance. Such carelessness can affect the engine of the car, which will directly affect the mileage.

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