Alto K10 and Wagon R came clean on safety, the company said- Focus on Bharat NCAP, our cars are safe


auto news desk, There has always been a debate about the safety rating of Maruti cars. And the recent Global NCAP crash tests have reinforced this further. Maruti’s most popular cars Alto K10 and Wagon R failed completely in this test. Both the cars were given zero rating for child safety. In the overall rating, the Alto K10 was given two stars and the Wagon R one star. Both these cars have now become one of the lowest rated cars by NCAP. Now the company has reacted to the crash test results after this rating came to the fore. According to PTI, Maruti has said after these results that it will take all measures to manufacture safe cars for Indian buyers. A spokesperson of the Gurugram-based company said that we always give priority to safety. The safety norms in India are at par with the European standards and the company strictly follows them. Along with this, the cars have been certified and tested by the government.

Maruti Alto K10 and WagonR fared badly in Global NCAP crash test got 1 and 2 safety ratings
focus on standards
In a statement issued by the company, it has been said that all the cars have been made in accordance with the safety guidelines issued by the government. Safety features like hill hold assist, 360 degree camera, HUD display have been given separately in the cars. According to the company, they will always keep safety in their priority during car manufacturing.

Will launch Indian version of NCAP
According to the company, instead of global rating agencies, the company will focus more on launching the Indian version of NCAP. According to the company, the government will bring India NCAP which will be more meaningful for Indian buyers. Whereas, Global NCAP is now eyeing India NCAP crash test, in which the performance of Maruti cars matters the most. According to David Ward, President of Towards Zero Foundation, with the India NCAP starting soon, he would like to see the performance of Maruti Suzuki cars.

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