If you are going to buy Tata car, then do the final tax this month, it will be expensive from next month


car news desk, For the last 5-6 years a trend has been set in the Indian auto industry wherein automakers not only increase the price of their vehicles as soon as the calendar year changes, but also at the beginning of the year. new financial year. Companies like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Hyundai and Hero MotoCorp have already announced price hikes in early April. Now Tata Motors has also joined this list and the reason for this is the same as everyone told, increase in input cost and rising inflation. Please tell that Tata has increased the price of its vehicles for the second time this year.

Tata Motors has made the purchase of a new Tata car costlier by an average of 0.6 per cent depending on the model and variant of the car. However, customers booking cars in April 2023 will not be affected by the increased prices as the increased prices will be applicable from May 1, 2023. Earlier in January itself, the company had increased the prices of its vehicles by 1.2 per cent. Apart from this, recently the new BS6 Phase-2 and RDE fuel norms have become mandatory, accordingly the company has updated its entire vehicle lineup.

Tata Motors to hike prices of cars next week for the third time this year
This work is mandatory for vehicle manufacturers
The Government of India has made RDE i.e. Real Time Emission and BS6 Phase 2 Fuel Norms mandatory from 1st April 2023. Due to this, all vehicle manufacturers across the country will have to mandatorily install a device in their vehicles. These devices monitor the fuel consumption and due to this the production cost of the cars has gone up. Now vehicle manufacturers are also recovering a small part of this increased price from the customers by citing increase in inflation and increase in cost. The company’s Nexon and Tata Punch are currently in demand.

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