‘Nano’ will rock again in electric version, may be country’s cheapest EV


Car News Desk – New vehicles are always introduced in the auto market with all the features. Be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, people’s memories of their old vehicles are still alive. On one hand, every vehicle manufacturer offers vehicles with attractive and tremendous features. On the other hand, they also charge a good price for it, apart from this, buying a car in a budget is no less difficult due to the high petrol prices.

But now that Tata has decided to launch it, you need not worry about its pricing. Now it has to be seen what will be its cost. Even after this, customers will start planning to buy it. Looking at the increasing demand for electric vehicles, when almost all the automobile companies are trying to attract customers by introducing their new vehicles. Then Tata surprised everyone by giving the news that Tata is soon preparing to do something big again through its electric vehicle. Do you know, what can be seen in this upcoming car of Tata. Next we are giving its information.

Tata Nano Electric Power Pack
The country’s leading automobile company Tata can provide a good power train in its upcoming electric car. According to the information, the company can provide 72V power pack in its upcoming electric Nano. On the other hand, if we talk about its top-speed, then it can be seen up to 60-70 km/h. If we talk about its driving range, then once it is fully charged, it can be able to cover a distance of about 300 kilometers.

Tata Nano Electric Price
No information has been given by Tata about the price and launch of this electric car yet. But according to the information, the company can offer its affordable electric car at a price of up to Rs 5 lakh. Although some media reports are calling it a rumour.

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