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auto news desk, Talking about the best selling two-wheeler brands in March 2023, Hero, TVS and Honda ranked first, second and third respectively. But, if we talk about the best selling scooter then it is Honda Activa. In March 2023, the Honda Activa was the best seller in the scooter segment. A total of 1,74,503 units of the Honda Activa were sold. At the same time, it was followed by TVS Jupiter in second place with sales of 53,891 units followed by Suzuki Access in third place with sales of 40,194 units.

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Over the years the Activa has seen mass production for the Honda Motor Company. March 2023 has also been no different for this. However, till March 2023, Honda has sold a total of 1,97,512 units, while till March 2022, 3,09,549 units have been sold. Its sales registered a decline of 36.2 percent on an annual basis. On a monthly basis too, their sales registered a decline of 13 per cent. It sold 2,27,064 units in February 2023 before March.

Best Selling Honda Activa Scooters
The price of Honda Activa scooter starts from around 75 thousand rupees, which goes up to 88 thousand rupees. The most expensive variant is Activa 125 H-Smart. It was released recently. In this, you get many such features, which usually come in cars. For example, you can drive the Activa 125 H-Smart without the key. You don’t even need to take the keys out of your pocket. This is similar to the telematics feature in cars.

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