Such a feature has come in this cab running in India, ‘which is not anywhere else in the world’


auto news desk, Some time ago, well-known industrialist and former chairman of Tata Group, Cyrus Mistry, died in a road accident, the reason for which was said not to be wearing a seat belt. He was sitting on the back seat at the time of the accident. After which the government and companies related to the automobile sector started working on it more rapidly. Recently, cab service provider company Uber has introduced the ‘audio seat-belt reminder’ feature for passengers. The purpose of which is to motivate the passengers sitting on both the front and rear seats of the car for safety.

This feature will work like this
Whenever a person books an Uber cab and gets on board when the cab arrives, an ‘audio seat belt reminder’ on the phone of the driver driving the cab will remind them to put on their seat belts as soon as they get into the car. The specialty of this feature is that it will run reminders for the passengers sitting on both the front and rear seats. So that the safety of the passengers sitting on the back seat can also be ensured.

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started in hyderabad
Uber India has introduced the audio seat belt reminder feature in Hyderabad in the first phase. So that we could see the reaction to it, which was great. Now the company is preparing to launch this feature in other cities of the country as well, wherever it provides cab service. So that more and more passengers traveling in cabs can be motivated for safety and adopt it in their personal life even while moving in their vehicles.

India becomes the first country to introduce audio seat belt reminder feature
India has become the first country to introduce this feature brought in keeping in mind the safety on the road. Other countries have not yet implemented such a feature, which reminds people to put on seat belts in a human voice as soon as they sit in the vehicles.

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