Take care of tires along with the vehicle in the summer season, know here 5 important tips


auto news desk,The way people take care of themselves in the summer season, in the same way it is necessary to take care of the tires and engine of the vehicle. There are many such parts and components in a vehicle. In which there is a possibility of malfunction due to heat. Not only this, many times people say goodbye to this world due to car catching fire due to excessive heat. If you own a car too, follow these 5 easy tips to take care of your tires and engine this summer.

1. Check the tire pressure of the car in the summer season
It is necessary to check the air pressure in the summer season. Driving it on the highway and overloading can also cause a drop in pressure. This is the reason why car tires burst and have more punctures in this season. If you want to take care of your car, keep checking tire pressure from time to time. Even sharp objects like stones and bricks below it can reduce the pressure.

2. Avoid overloading in summer season
Overloading in hot weather can reduce the mileage of the vehicle. Apart from the engine, it also affects the tyres. Take special care of overloading while keeping luggage in the boot space. Most people put more stuff in the boot space and the reduced front weight causes the rear tires to deflate.

Take care of the tires as well as the vehicle in the summer season - Poorvanchal Media : poorvanchalmedia.com, Purvanchal Media, Purvanchal Media

3. Alignment and replacement of tires
If you are going on a long distance journey then definitely get the alignment done once. To maintain the balance between all the tyres, people also get it swapped. Due to this, the possibility of slipping in hilly areas is very less. Hand brake to avoid tire wear, burnout and slide only when necessary.

4. Tire Valve
In the summer season, not only the tyre, but the tire valve present in it is also being checked. If there is no such cover which does not have a cap, then you can buy it separately and install it. You can pour water into a tire valve to check for air leaks. When the bubble comes out, then understand that there is leakage in the valve.

5. Add Nitrogen to Tires
In the summer season, not only air can be put in the tire, but nitrogen can also be put in its place. This reduces the pressure on the vehicle and there is no possibility of puncture. Apart from this, it is also important to take care of the stepney tyre. Now apart from all the four tyres, also check the stepney. If it’s cracked, replace it.

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