These 5 features of Brezza are not available in Maruti Fronx, one of them is very popular


car news desk, India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch the new Fronx SUV next month. The Franks was showcased at the Auto Expo 2023 and since then the company has started taking bookings for it. Maruti Suzuki Franks has received more than 16000 bookings so far. The Franks is positioned between Maruti’s premium hatchback Baleno and its sub-4 meter SUV, Brezza in its portfolio. Although there are many features that are available in the Brezza, but not in the Franks.

1. Sunroof

Sunroofs are a very popular feature in cars these days. Last year, Maruti updated the Brezza to feature a sunroof. But this feature will not be available in France.

2. Height Adjustable Seatbelt
Some cars have the facility to adjust the seatbelt height. This feature is available in Maruti Brezza but not in Fronx. This is an important safety feature in any car.

Maruti Fronx do not offer these 5 features but Maruti Brezza does.  About to book Maruti Fronx?  Think, 5 features are not available but come in Brezza.  Hindi News

3. Foglamp
Fog lamps are another feature missing from the front. Many entry-level cars come with fog lamps these days, so it may come as a surprise to some that the Franks don’t have them. However, the Brezza gets fog lamps.

4. Rear Armrest
For passenger comfort, the Maruti Brezza gets armrest on the rear seat, while the Fronx does not. Armrests add a bit more comfort to the passengers and are seen as a premium feature in most of the cars.

5. Ambient Light
Ambient lighting is a popular feature in cars these days, and the Brezza comes with it. However, Maruti has not given ambient lighting in the front, but has given footwell lighting.

Overall, the Fronx is a good option for those looking for an SUV that fits between the Baleno and the Brezza. However, it lacks a lot of features compared to the Brezza, which makes it a less premium option.

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