This electric car is smaller and cheaper than Tiago EV, will be left behind in range


auto news desk, The company that sells Hector has released the prices of the new MG Comet electric car. From the very beginning, it is being described as a competitor to the Tiago EV. There is a difference of 71 thousand in the price of these two. MG Electric Car is perfect for your daily commute. But if you are going to travel far then you have to think about other option. At the same time, the autonomy of the Tiago EV is also not for long distances. Let us know which of these two cars is better. 17.3 kWh battery was given in MG Comet. Whereas, the Tiago EV comes in two battery options. It can be bought with 19.2kWh or 24kWh battery.

The electric motor of the Comet produces 42 hp of power and 110 Nm of torque. The smallest battery in the Electric Tiago produces 61 hp of power and 110 Nm of torque. At the same time, its big battery can give power of 75 hp and torque of 114 Nm. The Comet EV can be powered by a 3.3 kW charger. It takes 7 hours to get fully charged. Fast charging technology is also not available in this car.

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MG Comet vs Tiago EV: Gamma
MG Comet can travel up to 230 kilometers on a single charge. Whereas, the Tiago EV with a 19.2kWh battery gets a range of 250 km. The bigger battery model of the El├ętrico Tiago could offer a range of 315 km. Although its cost is very high.

MG Comet vs Tiago EV: Price
The price of Tiago EV starts at Rs. 8.69 lakhs. While the starting price of Comet EV is Rs 7.98 lakh. That means MG Comet is more economical. Do note that these are ex-showroom prices of the vehicles. If you buy these, then you will also have to pay additional fees like RTO and insurance.

MG Comet vs Tiago EV: Results
The Comet EV is smaller than the electric Tata Tiago in size, shorter in range but cheaper in price. Both the cars are at their respective places. You can choose any one of these according to your budget and requirement.

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