Watch long term review of new Maruti Baleno petrol manual, get best mileage


auto news desk, Maruti Baleno continues to be one of the best selling cars despite the huge demand for SUVs and is being loved more than ever in the facelifted form. Launched in 2022, the new Baleno is stronger and more user-friendly with a new cabin design. So we used it to test it thoroughly for three months and found it to be a great hatchback car. Its AMT variant is quite popular, but its manual variant is cheaper and we chose it for our testing. It has a 1.2 petrol and a manual gearbox which is quite simple and comfortable. Its 5-speed manual transmission offers a smooth throw and light clutch, so that you do not feel tired during long drives.

powerful engine
We felt that the engine is slightly more tractable than the current Baleno and requires fewer downshifts. That is, it is very easy to use it urban and daily. The car proved to be very quick and fun to drive on a daily basis. Its 90bhp power and 113Nm torque is more than enough for city use. Although it does not get a turbo petrol engine, but its current engine is also very powerful. Its power delivery is linear but it is a lot of fun to drive.

Maruti Baleno Car - Price, Baleno Images, Mileage & Features

driving experience
It also has more refinement than the previous Baleno and is not as noisy and the build quality has also improved. It is not as stable at low speed as it is at high speed. The new Baleno gets a lot of changes and has a new suspension and steering which is much easier to use. Its steering is much lighter than before. As far as the mileage is concerned, its AMT variant gives more mileage, but its manual variant gives a mileage of 17-18 kmpl, while on the highway it is even more.

inner part
Its interior is the most important. Along with the exterior styling, its cabin has also been given a new design. Its build quality, fitting and finishing have been improved a lot. Along with this, new techniques have also been used in it. The head-up display doesn’t let you lose your focus while driving, which shows all the information in the instrument cluster. The quality of the central screen is also very good. Its 360 degree camera makes parking a lot easier. Although its display resolution could have been better. The new audio system is also better than before. The old Baleno’s seats were less comfortable, but the new model has better legroom and headroom with improved comfort. It now gets rear AC vents, but misses the middle headrest.

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