When to change the engine oil of the bike, find out in these four ways


auto news desk, Whatever be the vehicle, the most important part of it is its engine. Engine oil plays the most important role in the proper functioning of the vehicle engine. Engine oil is a kind of lubricant, due to which all the parts inside the engine do not rub against each other and it prevents wear inside the engine. But it needs to be replaced after some time, as it gradually wears out as the engine runs. But now you must be wondering how to know when the engine oil of the bike should be changed, today we are going to tell you 4 such ways by which you can find out when you have to change the engine oil of your bike or car. It is important

hear the sound of the engine
Listen carefully to the engine sound of your bike, if it is making more noise then engine oil may need to be changed. Because due to less lubrication in the engine, the parts of the engine start rubbing together and start making more noise. Due to which the car starts making loud noise.

Know how to know when to change the engine oil of the bike, these 4 tips will ease your confusion

check oil color
Now almost all new bikes have started installing dipstick to check engine oil. With which you can check the condition of engine oil. With the help of this you can check the engine oil when the engine of your bike is cold. For this, take the dipstick out of the engine and feel the engine oil in it. If it has become more black and gritty, change the engine oil immediately.

check oil level
In many bikes, the engine oil level check can be done through the dipstick and in some through the window. There must be a certain amount of oil in the engine. Therefore, if the level of engine oil has decreased, then get it replaced.

attention to dashboard alert light
New age advanced bikes now have new engine sensor available. Due to which the warning light starts appearing on the instrument cluster of the motorcycle itself, so that you can find out and keep an eye on the condition of the engine oil of your bike.

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