Why did the Tata Nexon EV catch fire? Tata Motors disclosed


auto news desk, Recently Tata’s electric car Tata Nexon caught fire in Pune, on which Tata Motors issued a statement informing that the reason for this was the replacement of the headlight of the car in an unauthorized workshop.

Cause of Unauthorized Workshop Incident
As per our information, this vehicle was recently taken to an unauthorized workshop. Where its left side headlamp was changed. Due to fitment being done in an unauthorized workshop, some technical flaws remained in it, which became the reason for the fire incident. While it should have been taken to the company’s authorized workshop for repair.

Tata Nexon Ev Caught Fire Reason In Pune How To Avoid Fire On Electric Vehicles Safety Tips |  Fire On Tata EV: Tata Nexon Electric started getting repaired in unauthorized workshop
Tata’s appeal to customers
The company has appealed to all its customers that they should not face any such incident, to avoid this, components, accessories and spare parts should be installed in their vehicles from the company’s authorized workshops.

new technology is coming
Advising the company’s customers to visit official service centers for any kind of work in their vehicles, said that the automobile sector is doing new experiments in the field of both electric and ICE vehicles. Which requires a trained mechanic. Which are not available in unauthorized workshops and they become the cause of any kind of incident. This should be avoided.

This is the second incident of fire in Nexon
This is the second incident of fire in the company’s best-selling electric car. Whereas even before this, in June 2022, there has been an incident of fire in the Nexon electric car. Which the company termed as one off.

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