Why is the trunk of a car measured in liters? The reason is very strange, you also know


auto news desk, It is very important to have more space in the trunk of the car. This allows you to keep your belongings safe as well as carry more stuff. The boot space is also colloquially called the trunk. You must have heard many times that this car has a trunk of so many liters. Why this happens, why is the trunk space of a car not written in litres, kilos or metres? Let us understand the math behind this.

Boot space is an irregularly shaped area that is difficult to measure directly with an inch tape or any other method. Therefore, the size of the trunk space is measured in net terms. The size of trunk space varies from car model to car model. Trunk size in most cars is measured in liters. This liter is the unit of any liquid. This shows how much luggage or luggage can be kept in your car. Let us now know about some popular cars and their trunk.

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Maruti Suzuki Dzire – 378 liters
Dzire is a popular sedan with 378 liters of trunk. It is the best selling sedan in India and the only sedan to feature in the top 10 list every month consecutively. Talking about the price, the price of its 3 petrol manual variants and 1 petrol automatic variant is less than Rs 10,000. 8 lakhs.

Tata Punch – 366 liters
Punch is a micro SUV, which is not very big in terms of size, but it has a trunk space of 366 liters. This is a big deal for a B1 segment car. It comes with petrol engine. The starting price of the car is Rs 6 lakh.

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