Before buying Citroen C3 Aircross or Hyundai Creta or Maruti Ertiga, know which car is better?


car news desk, The Citroen C3 Aircross enters a crowded SUV segment, but with its three-row seating arrangement will it match the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga? Here we will do a quick comparison with the segment benchmarks Hyundai Creta and Ertiga.

The Citroën C3 Aircross matches the Creta but is slightly longer at 4300mm. Whereas the Ertiga is the longest at 4395mm. Talking about the width, the Citroen C3 Aircross measures 1796mm and the Ertiga measures 1735mm. The wheelbase is also important which is 2671mm in Citroën, 2610mm in Creta and 2740mm in Ertiga.

Citroën C3 Aircross vs Hyundai Creta: These top 5 features of Creta are not there in Citroën Aircross, check details before buying a new car.  Financial Express Hindi

Talking about the features, the Citroen C3 Aircross gets a 10-inch touchscreen with wireless smartphone connectivity while the Creta gets a 10.25-inch touchscreen. While only 7-inch touchscreen is available in Ertiga. The C3 Aircross and the Ertiga get multiple air outlets. At the same time, being a 5-seater car, rear air vents are available in Creta. On the other hand, talking about the features, the Creta is available with features like panoramic sunroof, digital instrument cluster, climate control, wireless charging and ventilated seats. While the C3 Aircross misses out on all the features like climate control, sunroof and wireless, the Ertiga misses out on the sunroof feature. But features like cruise control, automatic headlights, a rear camera and a refrigerated cup holder are missing.

The C3 Aircross comes with a 1.2l turbo petrol engine and outputs 110 hp, while the Creta comes with 1.5l petrol and 1.4l turbo petrol and diesel engines. The Ertiga is powered by a 1.5 liter petrol engine. All cars except the C3 Aircross get an automatic option. While the Creta maxes out with the CVT and the DCT offering more torque.

The comparison clearly shows that the Citroën C3 Aircross is not a rival to the Creta in terms of features and performance. Whereas in terms of capacity of three places, it is very close to Ertiga. While the Ertiga itself has three seats. On the other hand, the Citroën is much more than a 5+2, meaning the Citroën C3 is a budget SUV.

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